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Preparing Items to be Moved by a Professional Mover

When you hire a professional mover to help you get moved, there are a few things to consider when preparing for the moving day.  If you have any other questions, you can see our FAQ page.  Here are a few things to think about:

Items not recommended for shipment

Dried flower arrangements, items of memorabilia (family photo albums, etc.), items that cannot be replaced.  Though most professional movers are more than capable of caring for your items, the fragile items that are most important to your should not be shipped.

Shipment of food

Foods are NOT covered by most professional movers insurance plan.  Try to use all frozen foods and other perishable items before the day of the move.  You may ship canned and dry goods, but if these are lost or damaged, they may not be claimed.

Automobiles or motorcycles (street legal), riding mowers, tractors (if lawn equipment)

When shipping street-use vehicles, have only ¼ tank of gasoline.  Check the anti freeze and oil to make sure these levels are full.

It is suggested that you wash your car prior to shipment.  Itemize all damage and compare your list to the form the professional mover prepares prior to the shipment to eliminate discrepancies.  BE SURE TO RETAIN A COPY OF THE VEHICLE DESCRIPTION SHEET.

When receiving your vehicle, thoroughly check it over in the daylight.  If you cannot properly inspect your car, indicate that an appropriate inspection has not taken place.

NOTE: Automobiles and motorcycles (street-use) may not be stored under any circumstances.  Provide an address for cars to be delivered to in case your shipment goes into storage.  Your work facility is a suggestion.  If you have questions on this topic, please Contact Us.

Refrigerators and freezers

Make sure refrigerators and freezers have been defrosted and cleaned at least one (1) day prior to loading.


Waterbeds MUST be drained one (1) day prior to the day of the mode. (The moving company will not be responsible for draining or refilling of waterbeds.)


If your computer has a hard drive, be sure to park the heads. (Consult your manual.) Remember to place toppers in the disk drivers.

Gypsy Moth Inspection

You may be asked to sign a form verifying that a Gypsy Moth Inspection has taken place.  All shipments traveling across state lines should have this form showing that nay outside items are free of gypsy moths. If this form was not signed, your shipment could be detained until a state inspection of your goods can be formed.  Please inquire about this form from your moving company.

For more information about moving, please see our Moving Guide Section.

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