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Professional Mover? What to do?

Whether you have already decided to use a professional mover or you are thinking about using one. There are several things you should do to ensure that your choose a reputable company.

It is a good idea to compare and get quote from several different companies.  Ask friends of family members for recommendations of a professional mover they have used in the past.  Other places you may want to look for moving companies are in the phone book or on the internet. 

Once you have a list of the moving companies that your are considering, research the companies.  Check to see if they are members of any moving associations.  The American Moving and Storage Association (AMSA) is the only national trade association dedicated to the domestic household moving industry,  If you are choosing a professional Atlanta mover, check that they are a part of the Georgia Movers Association.  Companies that are members of these associations have passed background checks and must abide to rules and regulations set forth by the associations.  Members of the AMSA may also be a member of ProMover, a program support by the AMSA. You will also want to check with consumer organizations like the Better Business Bureau in your area.

Anyone can place an ad in the phone book.  Just because a professional mover states that they are licensed and insured does not always mean that they are.  Take the time to research the company to make an informed decision.  The same goes for moving company websites.  Some companies may even go as far as to have the logos of the AMSA or the BBB on their website even though they are not members. 

Researching professional movers may seem like a waste of time, but in the end it will save you time and give your peace-of-mind knowing that your precious belongings are in the best hands.

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