Now that summer is here, you won’t need that closet full of heavy coats or the snow blower parked in your shed for awhile. These winter necessities, along with your holiday decorations, will only take up valuable space over the next few months. Instead of shoving things further back in your closet to make room, rely on Daniel Moving Systems, the premier storage company in Atlanta. Daniel Moving has over 40 years of experience storing items of all kinds, and is BBB-accredited for decades of quality service.

At Daniel Moving, we make household storage as easy, affordable, and safe as possible for you. Perhaps you really only need storage for a few weeks – we will gladly accommodate you! Longer-term and custom-length storage is also an option when you choose our storage services in Atlanta. We are dedicated to keeping your items safe 24/7 from fire and theft, and our facilities have state-of-the-art security features. Additional benefits of relying on us for seasonal storage include:

·  Clean, professionally maintained facilities

·  265,000 square feet of space available

·  Computerized inventory management system

·  Easy pickups and deliveries

Don’t delay any longer – free up that extra space by giving our Atlanta storage company a call today. We’re happy to hear how we can help!