Green Movers - Daniel Moving Systems

At Daniel Moving Services we strive to not only offer customer-oriented service, but we are also dedicated green movers. We have established many initiatives to be eco-friendly movers. Learn more about our green moving company!

Green Movers
  • New updated servers and scanning equipment for our personnel (2008) allowing to move further into the future of being paperless.
  • Newest industry estimating technology by IGC (2008-2010) allowing us to print estimate on site and email to customer while in the home instead of printing.
  • Tracking devices in all our trucks (2009) allowing us to be sure we are using your time and our resources more effectively.
  • Added 750 Reusable Plastics commercial moving crates to our inventory (2010) (made from recycled plastic) this way they can be rented for use on office relocations.
  • Cardboard recycling: allowing our customers to take advantage of used cartons, wrapping paper and recycling non-reusable paper products through local recovery centers.
  • All plastic wrap and truck oils used in the moving process are recycled though local recovery centers.

We have also expanded our website, so that it is more user-friendly for our customers by adding a “Moving Guide”, “Using a Professional Mover”, “Things to Ask Your Mover”, “Things to Consider”, a Facebook page, Twitter, etc.